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Medienbüro Marburg p0050
About the 47 gigapixel photo

This photo was made after a time for planning, test and execution which took 8 months. It was photographed from the Spiegelslustturm in Marburg – with a height of 36 meters. The photo shows the university town “Marburg an der Lahn” from its most beautiful side; in a resolution of 489.545 x 97.389 Pixel.

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Technical data

This photo was made with a Nikon D300 and a Sigma 50-500mm objective. It was made of 5.000 separate photos with 12,3 Megapixel each. Because of the crop factor of 1,5x an effective focal length of 750mm was reached. With a panorama machine the photographing time amounted to 3:27 hours. 53,8 GB raw material was used. On the basis of an exact digital levelling the cut on the borders was very low for the final data format.

A project by: Fotostudio Peter Lauritis

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